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Dear Customers,

Welcome to our company SOFITEX Ltd. that creates and produces working wear.
For your operators and employees, who work in the building and construction industries, or maybe in car-service shops, in manufacturing or assembly, in petrol stations or warehouses, we are always available for making an appropriate offer on the basis of our preliminarily designed models, or for creating new, more functional designs matching your specific requirements, e. g. concerning the cloth, model, or company’s logo, etc.
We would like to emphasize that at SOFITEX we do not subdivide our customers into large and small companies or businesses. Everyone who contacts us may count on enjoying all our attention and services conditioned by our professional experience.
In addition to the wide range of company’s working wear we produce, we can also offer appropriate personal protection devices as well as working shoes.
Please do not hesitate to contact SOFITEX by 
phone No. +359 2 936 26 03, 936 26 04 or 
phone/fax No. +359 2 936 26 05, or by 
e-mail at